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Innovation in Aviation


An innovative Aviation Investment and Development company focused on breakthrough projects for the aviation in Europe

19-01 has invested in the past few years to develop a set of breakthrough projects in order to bring true innovation to the market.

In this moment we are ready to launch 2 projects

Waterbomber Aircraft

• The only modern fire-fighting plane to replace the CL-415

• Fully built in Italy and fit for the European and international market

• High tech design, integrated fire targeting system, fully design to optimize fire fighting operations

• Optimized for territory coverage in Europe, based on innovative coverage algorithm 

• Prototype 2024, sales 2026


Full Fledged Aviation Academy

• The most advanced and integrated Aviation Academy in Italy and in Europe.

• Pilot, Cabin Crew, MRO, Aviation Management and University courses

• Fully integrated campus 

• 500 students per year

• One stop shop for airlines and other aviation operators

• Operational in 2024